Ballonet Socks Mask - Pegasus 2

Ballonet Socks Mask - Pegasus 2

Ballonet Socks Mask - Pegasus 2

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Limited Edition: Three Layer Cotton Face Mask.
Handmade in the UK.
🎁 All masks come with a free pair of socks. 
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 Machine washable
✅ Reusable
✅ 3 layers with extra filter pocket
✅ Keeps your face warm 
✅ Allows you to breath

❤️ All masks are hand crafted, each mask has a unique pattern. The patterns are from Ballonet Socks Collection.

🎁 Don't forget to add your free pair of socks to your basket.
Once you add your mask to your cart, simply add any pair from our collection and use the discount code: FREESOCKS That's all, you will receive your socks for free!

ℹ️  Material:
Inner two layers: %100 Cotton Lining
Outer Layer reingineered from Ballonet Socks Fabric. (%85 Combed Cotton %13 Polyamide %2 Elastane)

ℹ️  Size:
All masks are one size.
You can adjust elastic cord with a simple knot.

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Soft & Breathable

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89 reviews
Fan Socks
Petros K.
Best socks I've ever had

What's great with Ballonet socks in general is that they're really elastic. They don't leave marks and scars on the legs, so they're really good even for people with swollen legs, like me. They're also sturdy which means that you can go for the large size even if your feet are size 13 - they'll handle it!

Hipno Socks
Richard L.
Sock it to me baby

Lovely, well-made cotton socks for my partner in crime

Spring Socks
Amanda H.
Love love love these socks!

Comfortable, bright and I get so excited choosing which pair to wear in a morning! Thanks for the great customer service too!

Pine Socks
William O.
Pining for Ballonet

Ballonet Pine Socks are a treat for the feet. Brilliant design and fit like a glove, although, obviously not for your hands but for your feet. Cracking socks you know you deserve - give yourself a treat!

Forest Socks
Brian C.
Great socks

Lovely pattern and great feel on the foot. Very comfortable